Menie: Trumped

An ongoing series which began in 2010 documenting the controversial destruction of the landscape of Menie, an area of outstanding natural beauty on the Aberdeenshire coast. The landscape and the locals have gained international attention as the area is ‘Trumped’ to create what is claimed by Donald Trump, to be ‘The World’s Greatest Golf Course’. Menie was previously renowned for it’s dynamic dune system. The area has now lost it’s accreditation as an SSSI (Site of Special Scientific Interest). It has become an area of conflict. The locals have fought back. The Trump organisation have offended the First Minister. Will nature fight back too? Also see ‘Menie: a portrait of a North East community in conflict‘ and ‘Menie: Before Trump International Golf Links Scotland‘. ….

The quote “Please don’t pretend to care about my country’s scenery in order to make yourself even richer” is courtesy of Aidan John Moffat