Menie: Before Trump International Golf Links

Eighteen photographs of the Menie dunes taken between 1pm – 10pm one day in August 2010.  These ‘posts’ were found using a development map for Trump International Golf Links Scotland as construction of the course began.  They indicated to development team where on the landscape each golf ‘hole’ would be.  The final image is the 18th hole.

“They depict a scene of natural beauty with its lights going out. Playing on ordnance surveys, Bruce maps this coastal terrain which faces imminent destruction, ‘Trumped’ over by the proposed golf course and hotel complex.

The posts are evidence of the encroaching commerce that will swamp the area. But the tides are strong and many of the posts are already beginning to bend as metaphors of surrender.”

Text: Dr Catriona McAra, University of Glasgow. 2010