My work is a collaborative process between those I photograph and myself. All my recent projects have been community based and a direct result of socially engaged art practice.  My research draws upon the history of art and contemporary practice. Current projects involve appropriating artworks from public art collections as staged photographs in a local and current context.  The re-evaluation of artworks that results from my works unearth layered meanings; a new framework is created by this re-contextualising.  The photographs I create contain something of both past and present. They are both familiar and unfamiliar.

In 2011 I was commissioned by Ffotogallery to undertake a residency in Blaenavon, South Wales. Over a three month period made large scale photographic works in collaboration with members of the local community including the Blaenavon Male Voice Choir. These images will be shown for the first time at ‘diffusion: Cardiff International Photography Festival in May 2013

Recent projects: